ActiveCampaign: Creating your first data source

ActiveCampaign: Creating your first data source

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Adding and authorising Find My Insight  ActiveCampaign Connector in Google Data Studio.

This guide shows you how to use a Find My Insight Connector for Data Studio, It's pretty simple, just add and then authorize the connector. This will create what is called a Data Source that can be added to your Data Studio reports.

1- Go to and log into the Google account you want to use, if needed.

2- Click Start a new report->Blank.

Create New Report In Google Data Studio

 -If you already have a Data Studio report you want to use, you can open that instead and continue the steps.

3- Click on CREATE NEW DATA SOURCE at the bottom of the right-hand "Select Data Source" pane.

Create New Data Source

- If using an existing report, click Resource->Manage added data sources->ADD A DATA SOURCE instead.

4- Scroll down to the "Partner Connectors" section and look for the Find My Insight Connector you want to use. Alternatively, you can use the search bar at the top. For example, searching for Active Campaign:

Example search for ActiveCampaign in the partner connector list

Search for Find My Insight Connector

5-  Hover over connector and click SELECT to start the process of using that connector.

Select the Active Campaign Selector

 6- Click the AUTHORIZE button to give permission to the connector to access your Data Studio account.

Orange arrow pointing to first "AUTHORIZE" button to give Data Studio permissions

Give connector Permission to access Data Studio

7- A pop-up will ask you to log in with your Google account - make sure you select the same account you intent to use Data Studio with and then click Allow to accept the access request.

Authorise FInd My Insight to connect to your Account

8- Click the SUBMIT button that appears to log into the data source itself (in this example, into ActiveCampaign).

Enter you FInd My Insight Portal Connector Master Token

9- For this you will need to enter your Find My Insight username and Master Token for the Connector you have selected (in this example, it will be the ActiveCampaign user with access to the Active Campaign account you need for the report). You can get that from here

Your username is the email address you used to create your membership and the Master token for the Connector.

Find your Token

Note- for some data sources, it will use your browser cookies for that source to log the user in automatically

Enter your token

10- Once the login is completed, it will return to the data source setup page. This is what ActiveCampaign looks like, other data sources may look different: Select your endpoint and click

Choose your Active Report

11- Update the data source name to something memorable or informative about what you are connecting to (by default, it will be the name of the data source, so in this example it would be saved as "ActiveCampaign" if you did not change the name).

Rename your Connector

12- Click CONNECT in the upper-right to save your configuration as a new data source file.

Create your Connector

15- It will then take you to the field list. By default, you don't need to do anything here. Click ADD TO REPORT to proceed.

Add Connector to your Report

16-  The data source is now added to the report to use as a resource! You can now select it for your report objects.

You can now use this connector for any report

  -If you find yourself in an authentication loop in steps 6-10, you may be affected by a known Google account management bug. See this guide for how to work around it: Authentication-, HTTP- or Script errors

  -If you see this error "This action is not supported when you are signed in to multiple accounts..." (may be localized to your language), see this guide: This Action is Not Supported When You Are Logged in to Multiple Accounts

  -If you get errors for no accounts or lack of access, you may need to check with your data source administrator as the user account you are logging in with may not have permissions to access.

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