ActiveCampaign | Optimising your Contact lists data source

ActiveCampaign: Optimising your Contact lists data source

When building dashboards we don't always need all of the data available to answer a particular question. In the example below we only want to know how many contacts have subscribed to list 81 since 22 November 2021. If you have a large number of contacts in your account this is a good way to trim the list down. This speeds up your query and reduces the risk of it timing out. It also reduces the total number of API calls being made which can be an issue with Looker Studio 

Please follow the steps and refer to the screenshots below.

1. Create a data source of 'Contact Lists' and tick the box 'the total count' to understand the total amount beforehand. It is 314,425.

2. Create a data source of 'Contact Lists' with the proper parameters 'offset' and 'max', according to the 'total count' that is retrieved from step 1. Here we set 312,000 and 3,000.

3. Rank the data source by sdate to understand the 'sdate' range to make sure that it covers the range you want.  (raw data is ranked by 'sdate') 

4. aggregate id by 'list' and 'sdate'. You can get the number of contacts subscribed to list 81 from 22 Nov 21 until now.