ActiveCampaign | Managing large datasets with parameters

ActiveCampaign: Managing large datasets with parameters

If you have see this error "You are trying to retrieve more than 30000 data at one data source which will exceed Google quota",

it means you have exceeded the Google quota for a script runtime.

We recommend adding as many parameters as possible to reduce the amount of data that will be loaded.

For example 

If you are trying to show the number of contacts created/added each day, when you are building your data source you will need to set a parameter. For this it will be  'created after' as late (e.g. 20210101 if you only care about this quarter) as possible.

Alternatively, If you still need to load a large set of data, for instance >30000 rows, try breaking it down into several data sources using the parameter offset and max amount of data.
On each data source, the offset is set incrementally and max is fixed. 
The example below demos how to load 3000 rows of data on three data sources.

The first data source loads rows 0-1000
The second loads rows 1000- 2000
The 3rd data source loads rows 2000- 3000