Meta Ads | Creating your Connector Membership for Find My Insight by Datagems

Meta Ads: Creating your Connector Membership

Become a Member and purchase your Find My Insight Connectors

Thanks for choosing a Find My insight Connector. First things first, you will need to sign up to our portal and become a member. Membership is free.

Our privacy Policy can be found here and our terms of service here.

1- You can navigate directly to our sign up page.

2- Once there create your own profile. You cannot change your email once you have set up your profile.

Find My Insight Sign up page.

3- For your Find My Insight connector to work you will need to purchase a monthly or annual subscription. We recommend start with Monthly.


4- The purchase page will look like this. You can choose monthly or annual. Select the number of connector subscriptions you would like. The more you buy the better the price and save approximately 20% when you choose Annual. We use Stripe for our payment so it's fully secure.


5- Enter your Credit Card details.


6- Now add your Connector from the button or you can navigate to  Add Connector


7-  Now add your Connector from the button or you can navigate to  My Connectors


8-  Upon choosing the Facebook Ads Insight connector you will be asked to authorise access to your Facebook Account. (Your account should also have permission to access the Facebook Ads account you want to connect to. Follow the prompts


9-  You will see the following Facebook permissions page if you are connecting for the first time. 


 10-  Keep Following the Prompts.


11-  You will need to give the Find My Insight Connector App permission to access your Face Ads Account.


11-  You have now successfully connected your Facebook Account to Find My Insight. You are now ready to add a Facebook ad account to the connector. Please note you will need a unique connector for each Facebook Ads Account. 


12-  When you click okay you will be redirected to the Configure my Connector Page.

Enter you Ads Account number and give the account a name that is easy to recognise. (Important if you have multiple ads accounts) Hit save when this is completed


12-  When you click save you will see the confirmation page. This lets you know you have successfully created a Find My Insight Connector. Click on "Take me to My Connectors" 13889637_1603144678axy8g.PNG

13- Copy your Master Token from the My Connectors Page. You are now ready to build your Dashboard in Google Data Studio